The Investor Relations Society of South Africa has another amazing IRO that we were able to profile! Jared Coetzer is the Head of Investor Relations at Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited. He has recently moved into the IR space, although he has substantial market experience, ranging from equity derivatives to pan-African cash equities sales. In our conversation we speak to him about his journey so far. Jared shared that although managing deadlines can be challenging, he is able to more than offset these with the positives of piecing together the story, sometimes from spreadsheets, enabling him to fully understand and communicate the entire picture.


Jared Coetzer

Head of Investor Relations

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited


Q: Name of the company

A: Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd


Q: What is your job title?

A: Head of Investor Relations


Q: When did you joined the company

A: January 2021


Q: When did you become fully involved in IR?

A: After 15 years on various equities sales and trading desks, I was fortunately enough to move into the IR space this year. My previous experience in the capital markets ranged from equity derivatives to pan-Africa cash equities sales.


Q: Who you report to within the organization, how big is the IR team?

A: I report to Marian van der Walt, senior group executive for Enterprise Risk and Investor Relations.


Q: What is your education background?

A: B.Com Financial Management from the University of Stellenbosch and an Hons in Investment Management from UJ (formerly RAU).


Q: What do you see as the most challenging part of your role?

A: I think it’s managing the various deadlines. Between results, monthly exco meetings, quarterly board meetings and publishing of the Integrated Annual Report– we still need to schedule time to speak regularly with investors while getting our other day-to-day admin done. The role is incredibly diverse.


Q: What you find the most rewarding part of your role?

A: There is always a story within the numbers. I really enjoy piecing together the story from spreadsheets as this allows me to fully understand the entire picture. This also makes the conversation with investors that much easier. It is quite humbling to have to put together a message which impacts so many people. I have also always enjoyed work travel so that is also something I look forward to once it resumes.


Q: Fun facts about you outside of IR?

A: I am married and have 3 kids and 3 mad dogs. I love to run and have done 2 comrades – an up and a down run. I started playing guitar when I was 9 and still perform occasionally at weddings or the odd festival.