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IRSSA in Conversation with Yatish Chowthee

The Investor Relations Society of South Africa sits down with Yatish Chowthee to discuss IR in South Africa. 

An investor relations perspective: Why is ESG more relevant following COVID 19?

ESG and COVID 19 in context

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, ESG practices have become more relevant to enable business sustainability and continuity. This is practically evidenced by the increase in corporates globally that are assisting governments and communities in relief efforts, with a conscious reflecting a shift from shareholder to stakeholder value. Investors are also cognisant of this, and there is a real focus now on the ‘S’ in ESG, as the social impact of Covid 19 is very real for all stakeholders including their clients.

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Bank of America Macro conference

Just to give the context - at the end of the day, investors just want to make to make money and we want to preserve and grow our capital base. To do this in equity markets, we must find stocks which are mispriced or undervalued or identify companies with a track record of providing growth and sustainable shareholder returns.

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An investor relations perspective: Some key learnings and practical tips during Covid-19

The role of investor relations is amplified in times of crisis and uncertainty. 

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Global IR Society Forum hosted by IR Magazine.

Last week, the IR Society of South Africa attended the Global IR Society Forum hosted by IR Magazine.  

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IR Magazine Global Forum: save €100

The IR Society is proud to be a supporting association at IR Magazine’s Global Forum and Awards this October. 

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2019 Annual Investor Relations Conference

Each year, we gather for our flagship event, the Investor Relations Society of South Africa’s Annual Investor Relations conference, which includes seasoned IR professionals and those new to the pro

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