About the IR Society

The IR Society of South Africa was formed in 2015 to represent the interests and provide a voice for professional Investor Relations practitioners.

IRSSA’s ultimate objective is to set world-class investor relations standards and strengthen communication between publically listed companies and shareholders, prospective investors and other interested parties. In turn, this will improve management’s understanding of company perceptions among the investment community.

The IRSSA provides a platform to promote the role of investor relations as a strategic function within publically listed companies. It supports this objective by enabling IR practitioners to share experiences, become familiar with new trends and how to apply these within their own programmes, while also being advised of practices that have been less effective. This platform of sharing will improve techniques and encourage best practice. 

The Society envisages its role becoming increasingly important as more companies acknowledge the value of strategic investor relations and begin to resource accordingly with skilled and dedicated teams.

Engagement among practitioners that are IRSSA members takes place through various formats including annual general meetings, conferences, digital communication platforms, and other networking sessions.


Stay informed

Access a growing Resource Bank, delivered through: 

  • regular events and membership forums;
  • discounts for the annual IR Conference;
  • planned online library and mentorship programme;
  • active website and regular newsletters.

Develop your career

  • Receive discounts on investor relations courses offered by the JSE.
  • Attend the annual investor relations conference.
  • Enhance career prospects via peer networking.

Have a voice

The IR Society empowers IR professionals through:

  • lobbying and advocacy, 
  • Attendance at the IR Society AGM,
  • Participation in forums and working groups.


  • Promote high ethical and professional standards in Investor Relations (IR).
  • Contribute to and promote best practice.
  • Support professional IR development.
  • Provide a platform for engagement and sharing.
  • Broaden the understanding of Investor Relations.
  • Provide IR practitioners with a voice.
  • Working together to improve communication between companies & relevant stakeholders.
  • Promote Investor Relations as a strategic function.